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We all desire that perfect 


How many times have we dismissed it as a fantasy? 

Even though our body craves it, longs for it, and naturally wants to believe in its truth?

I'm here to tell you that it is not only possible, but also easy
when we are given the right steps 

I too had been through many relationship disappointments that broke my heart, and left me wondering if truly fulfilling relationships even exist.  


I even went through childhood abuse and wondered if I'd ever be able to fully love myself and others.

This triggered a deep Spiritual Awakening within me. I found that undeniable spark within my body that KNOWS it is a LIMITLESS well of LOVE.

I knew from this space, I can create ANYTHING!

My body remembered that the power lies within ME. 

I became a powerful creator.
I started manifesting consciously.

Anything I would desire would come to be. Every relationship I attracted became the experience of the Beloved.
People told me I've started to glow, they were attracted to me.

Synchronicities are just a way of life now.
I regularly have orgasms just from breathing!
I teach such practices in my courses and private sessions.  


If you want to experience soulmate love, check out the Manifest Soulmate Relationships course I have put together so that everyone can live a life of true intimacy with themselves and their partner! 

My courses contain the most simple yet powerful practical exercises, videos and chapters to guarantee you manifest grounded, balanced transcendental love

Joy, Sensuality and Purpose
await you!

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Want to check out our online courses?
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Do you have this knowing that you are here to live a life of

Is there a deeper part of you that knows it is completely 

Do you feel that if given the right tools, you could manifest not only
ANYTHING you desire... 

but also live the most
FULFILLING & purposeful life? 

Then you have come to the right place!

I have been helping people for years to align with their soul desire & manifest self love, soulmate relationships & abundance in a way that fulfils them on

I can help you too!

Take your manifestations to the next level by aligning with your deepest soul desires <3 

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Feel called to work personally with Shruti?
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