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A little about Me

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Shruti Vashist

Hi there! My name is Shruti.

I love writing poetry, singing, teaching, and generally just basking in my own juciness :) 
My favourite place to be is in nature, especially the mountains! 

I grew up in many different countries and am currently based in India. I'm a manifesting coach and Spiritual teacher. 

My journey of manifestation began after a life altering Spiritual Awakening in 2013. My whole life turned around. I had never been into anything metaphysical before this time, but I knew the things I was feeling were undeniable and more 'real' than anything I had felt before. 

To cut a very long story short, I found that everything that had gone wrong in my life, I had created! Which I realised meant that anything I want, I can create too! 

I witnessed direct connections between my inner and outer worlds and started working on creating consciously. I found that the more dimensions that opened up within me, the more fulfilling and long lasting my manifestations felt. This is because they were becoming soul aligned and had a deeper, long lasting purpose. 

Ever since then, I have been helping others to get in touch with their own spiritual desires so that they too can live the most wholesome life possible. 

I can help you to do this generally or with a specific area of life that you desire. Have FUN exploring your inner magician. Give it a chance, it won't disappoint! 

All my Love, 

Shruti <3 

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